Outbrain.com The Secret Traffic System

It has been a while since my last post but I would rather give you quality than publishing a

Outbrain.com The Secret Traffic System

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post each week that was 500 words long and weak. So here we go with another great instalment. I want to talk about traffic, simply putting it a website is nothing without traffic. We all need traffic and it isn’t the easiest thing to get, let’s get serious for the minute. In our niche, the blogging and make money online niche aka internet marketing is very competitive and saturated.

Trying to get organic free traffic using SEO techniques based around keywords these days is so hard because all the keywords we want to use are being used by everyone and have been for ages. Long term marketers have paid big money on keywords when Google would allow you to send traffic to your squeeze pages via their AdWords system, those days are gone but the legacy of those days keeps the keywords well out of our grasp.

We can spend a lot of time creating backlinks with commenting and guest posting but after the recent Google updates these have to be proper and ethical otherwise it can go against us. We can no longer go about posting links on every dormant site we find and spamming the crap out of the internet. Everything has to be done proper.

Link farms and article directories no longer have the strength they once did and many blog networks had their link juice and power slashed by Google completely rendering many blogs floating in search rankings abyss.

As I mentioned earlier we can no longer pay Google to send people to our sites as they seriously frown upon internet marketing, it has got such a bad name that they refuse to believe that people can make money from the internet even though they do! There are so many things that you need to have in place for Google to send traffic to your site. Squeeze pages, affiliate scrappers and email harvesting sites are a definite no.

Blog sites might be ok as they are delivering constant helpful content and a great user experience which is what Google wants from a website.

We can work hard at making videos and PDF reports to share sending traffic to our sites from YouTube and similar networks. They can work but you really need to throw yourself into it and go for it big time but many of us hardly have the time and/or the money to make it happen.

Money is something that can make building an online business easier and quicker if you have it. If you have some money to invest and have a way to generate money from your site then I might have a special secret traffic source that could take away the pressure of SEO, Google and SERPs forever.

I will warn you, this doesn’t work with internet marketing sites such as squeeze pages etc but if you have a large content site with very informative internet marketing posts then you might be ok.

If your site is in other niches then this could seriously work for you like a dream. You could be sending people to your site from seriously large popular sites like CNN and FoxNews for pennies and make more than what it costs you.

Like everything you MUST keep an eye on the costs and your earnings so you don’t destroy yourself before you start!

So what is it I am talking about?

Outbrain.com The Secret Traffic System

Have you heard of Outbrain.com? No? Well that isn’t surprising, not many marketing gurus will tell you about it as they have been secretly using it to drive traffic to their content sites. Outbrain.com is a content suggestion engine and they will put people’s articles (yours) onto sites within their network, sites like Foxnews.com

Outbrain.com The Secret Traffic System

Simply putting it, you pay for your best articles to be recommend to the readers of some of the biggest sites on the web. These sites have the Outbrain.com widget on their sites that shows recommended articles and they get paid for it.

 Outbrain.com The Secret Traffic System

In the screenshot above taken from Foxnews.com you can see a [What’s This?] tab, when you click on it you will see the Otbrain.com details open up in a little pop up screen.

Outbrain.com The Secret Traffic System

Outbrain.com charges on a Cost Per Click basis however they charge once a month so if you used a credit card and had people sent to an article that was surrounded by high paying and high converting adverts you can earn more than what it costs and be able to pay off your Outbrain bill with comfort.

Now the main things to remember here are Outbrain.com is about content, they do not allow you to send traffic to an article on your site that is littered with affiliate offers. They are not bothered if you have adverts around the sides or sponsored adverts like Google AdSense embedded with the article post but naked or cloaked affiliate links in the actually article text itself is a no no. Make sure you follow their terms and conditions properly otherwise they will close your account and you really don’t want that do you?

This can be a serious little goldmine, imagine having your article listed on some of the worlds biggest sites, sending traffic your way and then earning revenue from the high paying adverts on your site. This could be the $1 in $5 out system that you were looking for, or maybe it could be $1 in and $1,500 out like MoneyNews.com who sells sponsored links on their site for $1,500 per month.

Get several paying clients like that and using Outbrain to send cheap traffic to your site then you have a license to print money.

Why not generate a lot of traffic and sell advertising space on your site to private businesses at a premium based on the amount of traffic you are getting? Let’s not forget all that extra traffic can build that all important email list fast.

Outbrain is not the only content suggestion engine, there are others like Taboola and Nrelate.  So, what do you think? Do you like the idea of getting your articles recommended on some of the biggest sites on the net for pennies and earn an income from Google AdSense, affiliate offers and selling advertising space?

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  1. This is the first time I am hearing of this service, and at first glance I must agree that it looks like everything you say it is.

    Thanks for the pointer.

    I will be giving OutBrain a closer look to allign it with my traffic strategy.

    • Secret Insider

      Hi Yeremi thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am hearing lots of great feedback from users of Outbrain. Well worth a look.

  2. Hi Secret Insider

    Thanks for a great post on Outbrain. I’d love to talk further with you about your campaign feedback.

    I’m available via email. Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Natalie Chan
    Marketing Manager

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