Google AdSense or Private Advertising: Which is Best?


You will have noticed that most websites you visit these days have some form of advertising  placed somewhere on the site, many have their whole site drench in advertising making you wonder if they actually have any returning readers!

It is well known that too much advertising and little or no content is bad for a blog in the eyes of both the visitor and Google yet having advertising on your blog is still one of the best things to do. When you have a good  amount of monthly visitors to your blog having some advertising can not only help to pay for the costs associated with running a blog but can also earn you a nice chunk of extra revenue each month.

Yaro Starak the owner of admitted that his blog makes between $4000 – $6000 each month from advertising alone, doesn’t that sound good? It certainly does to me!

yaro ads.jpg

Newcomers to the blogging world hear of Google AdSense and give that a whirl hoping to generate money from a few clicks or impressions. The amount is usually very small due to the nature of Google AdSense. It isn’t until you look a bit deeper that you notice that the big boys rarely use AdSense these days, they might have a few dotted around but they normally sell their advertising space to private advertisers via a page on their site or through networks like or

What is the difference? Google AdSense can fluctuate each month depending on the amount of clicks or impressions each ad receives. The one great thing about Google AdSense is that whether an advertiser stops running the ad campaign that was running on your site Google will replace them automatically so you do not need to go looking for new advertising clients.

Private advertising however will leave the site owner with a nice chunk of cash each month that they know they are going to get without relying on their visitors having to do anything like clicking on adverts to generate earnings.

If the companies who have placed their advertising on a site are happy with the results they are getting they might advertise on a longer continuing basis meaning a nice continuous chunk of cash each month for the site owner. Get several of those advertisers and you will have a nice monthly income. Remember Yaro and his site generating $4000 plus? He wouldn’t earn that if he had AdSense instead of private advertising.

Advertising is one of the first easy ways to make money online, a lot of people made good money from Google AdSense, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know what Google AdSense is, it is part of the advertising network by Google which puts advertiser’s ads onto other people’s websites for maximum exposure.

google ads match.jpg

The ads that are shown on sites are not just random they are matched up as best as possible to the content of the site. If a clear match cannot be made then they will put up some standard adverts but Google do try not to throw up any ads that will clash with the site content. The sceenshot below shows Google struggling to match an advert to South American UFOs

google ads.jpg

The website owner gets a percentage of the money the advertiser pays Google when the advert is either clicked or hit a certain number of impressions on that website.

This incredible system prompted people to create niche specific sites specifically designed for Google AdSense. The websites were often filled with semi vague information which would often leave the site visitor needing to click on the surrounding ads to get more information resulting in making money for the site owner.

Google tried to cut down on the amount of ads that were shown on sites and force sites to improve their quality to give the visitors a better experience, after all they want to put their ads on quality sites, that was what the network was designed for after all.

The problem with Google AdSense is that what you earn each month can vary a lot as it depends on the action of the sites visitors, where as with private advertising as long as you have a steady number of visitors and the advertiser is happy you will still get paid each month.

For the newbie blogger only starting out Google AdSense is a good start, you might earn a few £$ to help pay towards your running costs and maybe make a bit of profit while you build up your sites visitor numbers up to a point where you can start to sell advertising space to people for a premium rate.

advertise here.jpgThe big boys that use advertising networks also have their own ‘Advertise With Us’ page to attract new clients who would like to advertise on the site who either …

  1. Didn’t know of the advertising networks the sites use
  2. Want to get a cheaper rate than what the network offers.

Remember networks charge a commission so big sites often charge more via networks to pull back some of the lost money. Approaching them directly can save the advertiser money.

When your site starts to get a nice amount of monthly visitors you can charge a premium amount for your advertising spaces. Your type of niche can also affect the price you charge but as an example let’s take a look again at Yaro’s site and what he charges for the different type of ads he has…

yaros ad costs.jpg

Not every blog will earn that amount per month, I am not saying it isn’t possible but every niche and blog has its own qualities, but what if you had several blogs all making a few hundred £$ a month. That would be good wouldn’t it?

The next time you are surfing the web, take a look at the sites you visit and see if they have any private adverts, maybe even send them an email asking how much they charge, you might be amazed to see that some of the smaller sites with very little traffic earn enough each month to cover all the running costs and make a nice profit on top. Imagine what they will get when they become bigger and more established.

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  1. I have tried both methods and my vote goes for private advertising because It's easy and quick way to make money from your blog If you have good traffic and ranking, but for new created blogs Google Adsense is good option.


    Thanks for writing on this and thanks for your comment on my blog.

    • Secret Insider

      Hi Ehsan, I stopped and commented on your blog because it is great and I visit more than you know :-) and thank you for taking the time to pop here and comment on this post. Thank you for sharing your experience in this field. As I thought, private advertising wins hands down for the profesional blogger. But as you say AdSense is great for the newcomer. 

      Speak soon


  2. Hi Secret Insider.

    I have also use both methods. Now I am use Adsense for my blog. But I think Adsense isn't suilable for ineternet marketing blogs because blog readers never click Adsense Ads :-D .

    • Secret Insider

      Hi Raplus, yes you are right, internet marketing blogs rarely make money from AdSense, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments.


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