Do What You Love and Love What You Do.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do.


My Internet Marketing Advice site will probably seem from the outside to be very pro blogging and you are right, it is. The main reason for this is that it is one of the best forms of internet marketing about. It is long lasting and a lot more respectful and ethical than many other forms of online marketing. With blogging you can make a lot of money without giving yourself a bad name.

Sounds good doesn’t it? After all, I know you want a long lasting respectful business that keeps on generating money, isn’t that right? I am sure you do not want to earn a few fast £$ then nothing again, what is the sense in all of that? That unfortunately is what most Internet Marketing guru types will have you doing, before you know it you will get a bad reputation as a scammer or spammer before you really got started.

If you are wanting to make a few thousand pounds in the next 48 hours I advise you to lower those expectations now, they only happen to seasoned internet marketers who have a huge following of people all hungry for the next get rich quick product that doesn’t work!

It certainly won’t happen with blogging, but in the future it is possible you could be making $40k+ a month from blogging like Pat Flynn does… So why should you focus your attentions on blogging?

The benefits of blogging are…

  1. You can generate a lot of money each month from advertising.
  2. Build up an email list to promote products to
  3. Have a potential large readership and email list to sell your own products to
  4. Have a sellable asset that can be sold for several thousand pounds
  5. Get a fantastic reputation as an expert and build yourself into a brand.

Before you rush out and start blogging I would advise you to take into consideration these few things. Blogging can be…

  1. Hard work
  2. Constant work
  3. A long term project.
  4. A while before you see any money come in (this is not always the case though)

Now I am not one to feed you bullshit or blow smoke up your arse, blogging is a full time business and can be a lot of hard work. It can be set up so that you eventually streamline the job down to working only a few hours each week and get back maximum returns. It is one of the best business models around and one of the cheapest start ups; if you are not afraid of a bit of hard work you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts.

So, if after my advice you decide to try out blogging for yourself, and why wouldn’t you? Then what do you blog about? The truth is this… you should blog about what you love and what you know. Makes sense doesn’t it? But people get the idea they should get involved in a niche that has a lot of money in it even if they know nothing whatsoever about that market.

It is possible to become successful in a niche or industry you know nothing about but it is a lot of hard work and very rare that you will succeed unless you build your blog like a property developer, investing money into it by getting other people to do the necessary work like writing content and building the site. This can be a very expensive method, if you do not have the funds then stay well away from it.

The easiest and cheapest method is to do most of the work yourself at the beginning and for that you will need to create a blog that covers a topic you love. Something you eat, breathe and sleep, when you know a lot about something then you can write about it more. Imagine trying to write about a topic everyday or every week when you know nothing about it or simply are not interested in it. You would lack motivation and the chances are you will more likely give up.

It is important that you choose something that you love, in turn; doing what you love will soon grow into loving what you do. Simple!

OldSkoolHipHop.jpgTake music as an example, let’s say you love Hip Hop, everyday you listen to Rap and Hip Hop music, you watch Hip Hop shows and music channels, you know a lot about the history of Hip Hop like the graffiti and break dancing that was associated with it in the 1980s and the people who started it all in and around New York.

Also in your spare time you make your own Hip Hop music on your computer, you buy and sell old Hip Hop vinyl and design your own street clothing, everyday you eat, breathe and sleep Hip Hop. Hip Hop was your life, whereas Opera, you knew nothing about Opera.

Would you even consider creating a blog on Opera music? What if you couldn’t stand that kind of singing let alone understand it? So if someone told you Opera was huge and very popular on line with a lot of money to be made from advertising & ticket sales etc, a lot more money than what was in the Hip Hop market, would you be wise to go ahead and work on that Opera blog?

NO! Of course not and here is why…

Building the blog on Opera would probably have a strong fast start but after a week or two of researching for information to write in posts, sitting and listening to loads of YouTube videos to share on your site and finding it hard to like and differentiate between what is good or bad because as far as you are concerned it is all bad, your motivation and enjoyment will be so low you would find excuses to do other things!

Trust me, if you are not enjoying the subject matter, you will find other things to do. You would be easily distracted and the blog will not grow because you are not adding new content to it or maintaining it. It will fail, mark my words.

With the Hip Hop blog, expressing an opinion on new releases would be second nature to you so writing a few new reviews on music would be enjoyable and done without any self pushing required. Searching for information and YouTube videos of the best old and new school Hip Hop would not seem like work but instead would be a pleasure. Adding new content and sourcing out affiliate markets would be something that you look forward to doing and can be done while listening to your favourite music.

A hobby is pleasure, when work is based around a hobby then work becomes a pleasure. We humans are pleasure seekers, we love pleasure, we love doing what we enjoy, and we will do more of what we enjoy. So why not do something you enjoy as the topic of your blog?

You see if you do a blog on a niche that you love, you add more content to the site and focus more of your time and energy on the site, it cannot do anything but grow. When it grows and spreads across the internet more and more people will come to your site. More and more visitors mean more and more opportunity to make money from your blog.

Even if the niche you have chosen has less money in the market than other niches, you will make more because of the size and reputation your blog has got from the attention and love you have spent on it. Does that make sense?

A fully working Hip Hop blog with a growing fan base will always make more than a semi derelict Opera blog that has the occasional passer by popping in and then running away fast because there is very little for them to read.

With there being over 7 billion people living on planet Earth with well over 500 million of them living in the 5 main English speaking nations and not forgetting all those around the world who speak English as a second language, you will find that there are a lot of people who will have access to the internet and be interested in your niche whatever you choose.

If the niche is a popular one with a lot of competition that doesn’t mean you will fail or that you should not build your own blog in that niche. There are so many people who love your chosen niche that not all of them will know about your competition and many of them do not stick to just the one site.

I am amazed at how many Internet Marketing Guru’s that I have never heard about when I talk to other people in the industry. People have different circles to me yet they all fall into the same niche/industry. Occasionally a name will pop up and I will ask ‘have you ever heard of so and so?’ to a friend who will tell me they had been following them for years even though I knew nothing about that person until that day.

The word ‘Fan’ comes from ‘Fanatical’, people who love their hobbies are fans and when they love something with a passion they will seek out more information about what they love. Many fans will buy different books or CDs even if they are full of the same pictures and songs that they already have, they just wanted to buy the other version because this is what fans do.


Fans will go to conventions; they will dress up to look like their idols or passions no matter how daft they look. (As the image above shows clearly)

Just because a competitors blogsite has thousands of monthly visitors doesn’t mean that those visitors will not come to your site regularly. These people will visit several blogs all related to the same niche. It is basic human nature.

How To Turn Your Blog Into a Successful Blog

It is your job to fill your blog with a lot of quality content that is better than your competitors so that your site visitors return more and more and eventually favour your site over your competitors.

Remember the saying ‘It’s a big world out there’ well the internet is huge and at the same time small, I can be sat here in the UK and within seconds be reading a great post on a blog in Indonesia, I can chat and be networking with people from all around the world. Anyone anywhere can access your site if they have your web address (URL). (That is as long as they are fortunate to not live in a society with strict internet policies)

So before you go rushing out to start blogging thinking you are going to make millions, you need to sit down with your new best friend a note pad and paper and write down all the things that you love, things you enjoying doing, things you know a lot about and even things that you want to get involved in but haven’t yet started. Loving something and knowing a lot about something doesn’t mean that you do it everyday. A blog could be a great entry point for getting involved in that hobby.

As long as you have a strong interest and passion in the subject matter with a fair amount of knowledge then you are in a stronger position to build a successful blog that could make you the money you need to become both time and financially free.

Until next time,


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  1. Hi SI,

    As usual, a great post. I have always been an advocate of doing what you love. No one should have the misery of blogging on a topic that bores them to death.

    People do what they love even when it makes them look like fools. Wow, i will save that one…

    • Secret Insider

      Hi Yeremi, good to see you here and thanks for leaving your thoughts, as you say blogging on topics you don’t like will eventually bore the person to death. Something we don’t recommend :-)



  2. Si,


    Great post.  I found it took me about 18 months to find what I could really like.  But once it clicked I have finally started to see some decent results.  Interesting enough though I went through dozerns of things that I through I loved before I go the one that stuck.

    take care

    • Secret Insider

      Hi Darren, thank you for leaving your thoughts with us and I am glad you got there in the end. Interesting to see you had to forget some niches that you thought you loved. I guess you really find out what you love once you get started. 



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